Starting a business is not easy, especially when you don’t always have the right resources and tools to help you succeed. The CF Toolkit offers you tools across three main areas: trust creation, management and data & tech. The tools are tailored to the needs of inclusive fintech startups that serve low-income customers in emerging markets.

BFA, a consulting firm specializing in developing financial services for low-income populations, provides hands-on advisory to startups through Catalyst Fund, a grant fund that offers seed capital, technical advice and direct mentorship by leading investors in this space.

We are developing these tools to help entrepreneurs during their time at Catalyst Fund and beyond!



Trust Creation

This area covers:

  1. What kind of framework can guide how startups design and build products and services to create trust with their customers


This area covers:

  1. How inclusive fintech startups design processes, teams and organizations around creating customer trust
  2. What kind of framework can inform the actions organizations take towards trust creation with customers

Data & Tech

This area covers:

  1. How inclusive fintech startups can define and design their data strategies
  2. What the approaches, architectures and solutions for a data-driven organization and strategy are

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Who is this toolkit for?

While these resources cater specifically to inclusive fintech startups working with customer, markets and ecosystems in emerging economies, other startups might find as much value in the way we are testing and building out startup ventures and organizations.

Firms exploring emerging markets could also learn a lot about the specific local contexts and low-income customer behavior through this toolkit.


    Why did we create the CF toolkit?

    Running and growing a startup is hard. Running and growing a startup in an emerging market is even harder. The CF toolkit was designed to help the management teams better understand: 

    • What the challenges are  
    • How to sequence the tasks
    • How to assess and measure risk


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    I found the exercise very useful, especially for PayGo, and I’m going to build on it when I get back to my team.
    — Nick Quintong, CEO of PayGo Energy


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